Who am I not?

Who am I not?

It’s not easy to describe yourself without being too self-centric, boosting your ego and bragging about your achievements in the business’ inner circle.

I am not in any inner circle, try to stay as far away as possible from the spotlight and my ego doesn’t need any steroid injections, so rest assured that what I will be saying to you is the almost absolute truth (just God has the absolute truth, so allow me a little margin of error).

Anyway, let’s go straight to the point, who am I not:

  1. I am not a frontline soldier: World War 1 is long finished and now we have much more efficient weapons. So, if you are looking for an agent who is willing to go and sell without being backed by a method and a solid project, thanks for reading until now, but we are not suitable to each other!
  2. I am not a jack of all trades: how many times did you hear about “consultants” proposing themselves as “experts” in a variety of sectors ranging from F&B to microchip components? Or defining themselves as “deep connoisseurs” of half a dozen Countries worldwide? I am truly happy for them, looks like they found a secret method to work and study 72 hours per day…

So, who am I:

  1. I am a China lover, backed by 13 years practical on field experience, 4 of which spent between Beijing and Shanghai, with a deep knowledge both of language and culture;
  2. I am a family man eating daily bread and China also at home, together with my Chinese wife and my two sons;
  3. I am a specialist in the medical and industrial automation sectors, where I spent many years as employee.
  4. To conclude: I am by your side!