Why working with me

Why working with me

We live in an extraordinary world, all of our Countries have countless natural and architectural wonders, but this is not the only reason why I feel connected with you. The real reason is that we are, as business persons, those who carry on our shoulders the weight of both our companies and, ultimately, our countries success.

Even though I may not be your fellow countryman, I do think that we have another thing in common: we must do everything by ourselves because we cannot rely on the government or the institutions that are supposed to help our companies grow.

Ultimately, we have to put our faces on the line and strive to succeed!

It is now more than a decade that I work with China and with SMEs, yet I am still surprised by the amount of business opportunities lost by SMEs on any given day because they are ill advised or because they didn’t implement a real plan to conquer the market.

As I said, China has an incredible force of attraction but, without a careful planning and an adequate support, small Companies risk to be crushed and disappear.

This project of mine, My China Specialist, is born with an exact purpose: to help a selected number of SMEs to finally write their China success story and to be able to say “I made it”!

This is because I am a small entrepreneur just like you and I have your own worries.

I know what it means to run a business with all the headaches connected to it, I also know what it means to be an employee, since I previously was one.

Now, you have two choices:

  1. Keep rolling the dice and rely on shady consultants or on complicated institutions;
  2. Fix a meeting with me, during which I will show you my method, the only one developed by a business owner for a business owner and, when you will decide to start working with me, enjoy the exclusive after-sales warranty, active 365 days.